Alternative for PHP function parse_url()

The recommended function UrlHelper::parse() is not very helpful in this use-case. I could not find a drop-in replacement for this function and did not want to write my own.

Configuring GrumPHP for DDEV

Set up GrumPHP to run inside the DDEV container to execute all checks with the correct versions of the tooling configured for the project.

Ajax in Drupal

The other day needed to use AJAX to implement a feature in Drupal. The main reason to use AJAX was to be able to use caching and still have some content vary slightly on the same page. I could not find a clear answer straight away.

Creating 'Hello World' using Silex 2 and Twig part three

This is part three of the tutorial series about setting up a simple website using Silex 2, Twig and PureCSS. In case you missed part one or part two read up and visit this part again. In the third part, we will add a visual layer over the site using PureCSS. This will also be the last part since Sensio Labs will stop Silex development in 2018.

Creating 'Hello World' using Silex 2 and Twig part two

This is part two of the tutorial series about setting up a simple website using Silex 2, Twig and PureCSS. In case you missed part one take a step back and read it. In this part we will render the pages using Twig and create a menu for browsing the site.

Creating 'Hello World' using Silex 2 and Twig

You can use the Symfony framework to create websites, a lot of stuff will be there right out of the box. Today I will use the slimmed-down Silex framework to create a basic website, to get to know the building blocks of Symfony in isolation.

Configuration management in Drupal 8

To migrate settings from development to staging and production environments, we (mis)used the features module in Drupal 7. In Drupal 8 we have configuration management. With configuration management you can have a file-based workflow for moving settings around, meaning you can put your database settings in files. These files can be added to version control and imported on staging, production or your teammates development environment.

redirect mail in Drupal to disk

When developing applications in Drupal you need to send mails from time to time. You can configure postfix or another mail server to send mail. Sometimes you can do without, or you do not want to let emails get out of your development machine at all. Imagine yourself working on a site with lots of users and want to test a part of the code which sends mail to users. You do not want to send mail to the users from your development environment. There are several ways to keep your installation from sending mail to users.

ignoring files using GIT

Just a small writeup of ignoring files in GIT. Every developer uses GIT or another code versioning system. Right?